Give by Check or Cash


  • Place a check in the offering plate on Sunday, or send it by mail to:
    • Wallace Presbyterian Church
      ATTN: Assistant Treasurer
      3725 Metzerott Road
      College Park, MD 20740
  • Bill Pay:
    • You can set Wallace up as a vendor under your bank’s bill pay section. Enter our name and address as shown above. Use the word “offering” where you are asked for an account number. Your bank will issue a check and mail it to us.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer – ACH transfer:
    • We do NOT encourage the use of electronic funds transfers that go directly to Wallace’s bank account. These might be called EFT or ACH transfers. If you are asked for the church’s bank account number and routing number – do NOT continue with this approach. This funds transfer is confusing for our record keeping AND would bypass our Assistant Treasurer. Your gifts would NOT be tracked or recorded or included in reports we prepare and send each January for tax purposes.


  • If you want to give by cash:
    • Please drop it in the offering plate.
  • To have your gift recorded and receipted for tax purposes:
    • Please identify your gift with your name.
    • Numbered and dated offering envelopes are available from our assistant treasurer.

If you have any questions, please email our assistant treasurer.