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Join us for Adult Teaching Fellowships

Meeting on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 a.m.

There’s an adult teaching fellowship right for every adult at Wallace.

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College/Early Career Fellowship

(House at the Crossroads, Great Room)

This group is designed for college students, graduate students, early career, or anything close to that. But, even if you don’t fit that age range and still want to join us, you are more than welcome!

Young Adult Fellowship

(Main Building, Brown Wing [Kitchen Wing], 2nd Floor, West Room)

The Young Adult Fellowship is a diverse group made up of singles and married couples, young and not quite so young, grad students and professionals.


Joe Alder (301-209-9393);

John Daly (443-283-0861)

King’s Daughters: Women of All Ages

(Main Building, Green Wing [Office Wing], 1st Floor, Assistant Pastor’s Office)

All ladies are welcome for coffee, prayer, discussion, and fellowship.

Contact: Jan Adams (

Homebuilders: Intergenerational

(Main Building, Green Wing [Office Wing], 2nd Floor)

This class is built around fellowship and the study of Scripture, exploring how it applies to our everyday lives. We study the Bible directly, focusing on individual books of the Bible, or indirectly, using books that address specific topics in light of Scripture. We are a friendly and informal group and all are invited to join.

Contacts: Will Martin (301-593-6707); Rock Brockman (301-277-9616)

Living Faith: Intergenerational

(Main Building, Green Wing [Office Wing], 1st Floor, Conference/Parlor)

Living Faith is an intergenerational class using participatory instruction and discussion to deepen understanding of God’s Word. Visitors are welcome at any time. If you are new to Wallace, this is a good way to get to know a smaller group of people.

Contacts: Dorry Kenyon; Assistant Pastor David Miner

Sermon Discussion: Intergenerational

(Small Room, House at the Crossroads)

New to Wallace? Looking to get to know other members better? Enjoy group discussion? Want to go deeper into the subject of last week’s sermon? The Sermon Discussion Fellowship provides a means to meet all of these interests and needs. Come share your thoughts or simply sit back and listen. We review and then discuss the sermon from the previous week—with the emphasis on group discussion. We also seek to build our relationships with one another by sharing needs and praying for one another.

Contacts: Jim Hemphill (240-351-2706); Dick Shaner (301-498-4917); Paul Beatty (301-589-5289)

  • These are small groups, great for getting to know people at Wallace.
  • In Adult Teaching Fellowships, we are able to sink down our roots more deeply, growing in grace.
  • During these groups, children and youth have their own classes as well.