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The Book of Ephesians


August 2022 Series: Questions from our Congregation

  Four sermons from four questions for the month of August

Summer Psalm series: Psalm 1-7


The Life of David: Learning to live out of God’s grace, for his glory!

Sr. Pastor, Ryan Moore

A sermon series on the life of David from the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. 

What is Worship?

Sr. Pastor, Ryan Moore

A four sermon series on worship, preached January 2022.  

Sermons on the Gospel of John

Sr. Pastor, Ryan Moore

Sermons on Isaiah chapter 40 ff. 

Pastoral Intern, Jamie Duguid

Stand-alone sermons preached in 2022 

The Psalter: Book 1

Six sermons preached by our pastoral intern, Jamie Duguid, can be found here.

Delivered from Death and Freed from Fear

The Bible is the one book which tells us exactly what we need to know about death:

A sermon series in four parts, can be accessed here.

There is a separate handout with the sermon outline and accompanying texts to go along with this sermon series. Email the church office if you would like a copy.

Romans: Foundation for Faith–Glen Knecht

Romans: Foundation for Faith sermon series preached by former pastor, Glen Knecht, can now be found on our SoundCloud page.

Christ of the Covenants–O. Palmer Robertson

Christ of the Covenants sermon series preached by former pastor, O. Palmer Robertson, can be found on our SoundCloud page.