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How God Uses Calamity

Psalm 33

Five ways God uses calamity for his purposes.

1 Peter: Standing Firm in the True Grace of God

This new sermon series on 1 Peter takes a look at how Peter, a changed man by the Spirit’s power poured out at Pentecost, gives suffering Christians reasons for hope, confidence, and joy.

The Psalter: Book 1

Delivered from Death and Freed from Fear

The Bible is the one book which tells us exactly what we need to know about death:

The ambivalence we feel:

From the perspective of what God made you and life to be, death is a terribly unnatural intrusion that we disdain.

From the perspective of what awaits believers for all eternity after they die, death is a necessity that we need not fear.

A sermon series in four parts.

There is a separate handout with the sermon outline and accompanying texts to go along with this sermon series. Email the church office if you would like a copy.

Sunday Evening Sermons 2020

Evening worship is held, at Wallace Presbyterian Church, the first Sunday of the month at 6 p.m.

Other Sermons 2020

The Well, Awakening, and Worship

A sermon series based on John 4. We have much to learn from Jesus’ interaction with this Samaritan woman.

Christ of the Covenants–O. Palmer Robertson

Christ of the Covenants sermon series preached by O. Palmer Robertson