We’re headed back to the Modgnik Retreat (“modgnik” = “Kingdom” spelled backwards) again this spring. It’s for the senior high students, and it will be April 15-17.

The retreat is centered around talking about the backwards nature of the kingdom of God. It has been a blessing to me in years past with excellent teaching by ordained pastors and moving music. It is a great time to get away into the hills of central VA (just a little further down I-81 than Camp Hemlock) and to think about God while having lots of time to fellowship and build relationships.

While this is going out to all the youth families, including those who only have middle school students, it’s good to know what is coming down the pike as your students get older. For those of you that didn’t get my introduction to Modgnik email last year, or have completely forgotten what the retreat is, or simply don’t want to dig through your inbox to find my last email, here are some tidbits about the retreat.

It’s put on by quite a few PCA churches, and it is supported by 3 different presbyteries, including our own Potomac Presbytery. There are both junior and senior high retreats, but since the junior high one is close to Labor Day, we won’t be doing that Modgnik retreat. Over the years, this retreat has grown quite large. The senior high retreat has had over 20 churches with over 400 students and leaders attend. The retreat is held at the Young Life camp Rockbridge in Goshen, VA. You can check out their website here to get a sense of the camp.

Now that you know what the retreat is, here are the logistics for it. Registration is open from now until March 27. The deadline is a hard one because I have to turn in final numbers the next day. Also, it’s a popular retreat, so I won’t be able to guarantee a spot after that day. The cost will be $130 for the first child in each family to register. Every other child in the family to register after the first will only pay half, $65. After registrations are complete, I’ll be sending out packing lists and other info to those that are going.

How to register:
Step 1: Email me to let him know your student is coming and his/her t-shirt size
Step 2: Write a check payable to Wallace Presbyterian Church with “Modgnik” on the memo line.
Step 3: Fill out release form (see below).
Step 4: Give the check and release form to me or put them in my mailbox at the church.
Step 5: Do this before March 27.

Please note that registration will denote consent and permission for Wallace youth leaders to transport your student to and from the retreat.

Last year’s retreat was awesome, so I’m super excited for this year! Let me know if you have any questions.