Senior Pastor Job Description

*The application period for the following position has now closed.*

The Senior Pastor of Wallace Presbyterian, PCA shall meet the New Testament requirements for the office of elder as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The Senior  Pastor, as a minister of the Gospel, shall be devoted to his calling of service to Christ and his church; faithfully giving of himself to the flock at Wallace PCA in the spirit of 1 Th. 2:7-12; Acts 20.28.

See our Church and Pastoral Profile to understand our mission, our congregation, and the essential qualities/attributes for the Senior Pastor.

Responsibilities / Duties

The Senior Pastor shall be responsible to partner with the Session to provide spiritual leadership and oversight for Wallace Presbyterian Church.

1. Worship Services 

  • Plan and lead the Sunday morning and other worship services of the church
  • Oversight of the ministry of the Preaching the Word of God as written in the Old and New Testaments, on the occasions established by the Session
  • Provide leadership and manage the preaching schedule to include pastoral staff, interns, and guest preachers
  • Oversight of the administration of the Lord’s Supper weekly and Baptism

2. Teaching

  • Oversight of leadership training and development for church officers
  • Teach church-sponsored classes and small groups as appropriate
  • Provide Biblical counsel, with referrals to other elders or professional counselors, as necessary

3. Visitation of the Congregation

  • Work with the Session to develop a plan for regular visits to the congregation
  • Oversee or delegate visits to home-bound church members
  • Oversee or delegate hospital visits as necessary

4. Session

  • Oversight/Shepherd of Elders and their families
  • Moderator of the Session; includes the agenda, task delegation, etc.
  • Monthly Report to the Session of Senior Pastor’s work
  • Training the Session for active spiritual oversight and leadership of the congregation
  • Communicate the church’s vision and goals as agreed with the Session

5. Church Staff 

  • Moderate monthly meeting of church employees as Head of Staff
  • Oversight of staff responsibilities and personal spiritual development
  • Oversight of day to day church office administration
  • Work with the Session to recommend staff additions or terminations to the Session as necessary
  • Work with the Session to create written job descriptions for staff, provide written performance reviews, annually, and report staff reviews to the Session

6. Assistant and/or Associate Pastor 

  • Work with the Session to create a written job description for the Assistant and/or Associate Pastor
  • Oversight of the Assistant/Associate Pastor’s responsibilities, theological growth, and spiritual development
  • Conduct an annual performance review and report to the Session
  • Meet with the Assistant/Associate Pastor regularly to ensure coordination and review of ministries and operations

7. Presbytery, General Assembly, Broader Community  

  • Pledge to uphold the standards of the PCA and Book of Church Order (BCO)
  • Participate in the required meetings/duties/ministries of Presbytery and GA
  • Report to the Session about the topics before the Presbytery and GA
  • Work with the Session to communicate information to the congregation as requested by the Presbytery or GA or as necessary
  • Cooperate with local churches in appropriate ecumenical efforts and witness
  • Support work with local community agencies and programs as appropriate

8. Relationship of this Job Description and the Call

  • The Call with the compensation and the benefits package will be determined by the Session and approved by the congregation as provided by the BCO
  • The Senior Pastor will serve under the terms of the Call
  • The Senior Pastor’s work will be reviewed by the Session annually and documented in a written format provided to the Senior Pastor
  • The Senior Pastor’s review will precede the annual review of the Call
  • The Senior Pastor and the Session will review this job description at the annual review of the Call.  This job description may be revised as necessary

Desired Skills

  • Biblical exegetical skills, expository preaching, and teaching
  • Pastoral care as the lead overseer/shepherd of the congregation
  • Administrative management of church and staff
  • Problem-solving and listening
  • Strong interpersonal relations
  • Collaborative, team building
  • Effective time management
  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Ability to work among a broad diversity of people and groups
  • Crisis intervention and conflict management
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Timely response to communications and urgent concerns

This position will remain open until October 1st, 2020.

*The application period for the following position has now closed.*