COVID-19 Updates:

Since the beginning of the pandemic the Wallace COVID Task Force has been meeting to discuss all aspects of our weekly meetings, from worship to physical property concerns, and from the welfare of the congregation to the eventual return to regular worship and other activities.

Our initial work was focused on the transition to online worship and diaconal concerns as the physical property was being closed.  Recently our attention has included planning for the eventual return to worship in our building. We want to stress to you that we are as eager as you are to be together face-to-face with you for worship and other activities.  We have been meeting to review the online services, property concerns, and needs of the congregation and we have been in repeated communication with one another over these matters.

You should know that first and foremost we are being responsible by continuing to follow the guidance and rules set forth by the state and the county as it pertains to places of worship, assembly size, your safety and ours.  As the pandemic moves towards points of projected plateau and decline we will still follow the guidance of our government officials as to when places of worship may open and how that may be done.

Currently we are planning various options to the expected various guidance.  We are looking at physical property concerns that include making the building safe to worship in.  We are also looking at how physically returning to church will be for the congregation.  It has been decided to create several options to choose from, and to begin preparing those options, so that when guidance from government officials is announced we do not lose time putting one into action.

We understand, and we want you to understand as well, that returning to Wallace will not immediately look like it did before the pandemic and that our first Sundays back may have some difficulties and adjustments.  Our priorities in working on the return to church are to be responsible, safe, welcoming, and centered on worship.

CANCELLATIONS: We continue to cancel all in-person church gatherings including worship services. We believe that taking these precautions seriously is a way for us to love our neighbors. Please keep your face-to-face interactions with others to an absolute minimum.

SERVICES: Worship services will be streamed live at this link.

HOME GROUPS: Some groups are meeting online.

GIVING: Even though we are not meeting face-to-face at Wallace, the work of the church is still ongoing. Please visit our giving page for more information.

Further Updates:

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